Our Process

For first-time or one-time deliveries we recommend speaking with one of our dedicated customer service specialists via telephone.

In order for us to best serve you, please have the following information available:
  • Your Name And Contact Information
  • Recipient Name And Contact Information
  • Pick-Up And Drop-Off Locations
  • Description Of The Item or Items Being Delivered
  • Method Of Payment
  • Time Requirements
  • Special Delivery Request

    Using this information you will be given a quote for the full delivery of your item/s.

    Our closest driver will be notified of the delivery and time specifications. He will also be notified of any traffic issues, weather concerns, and alternate routes if necessary.

    We will then deliver your item/s to the recipient's location within the time specified.

    We will obtain signature confirmation of the delivery as well as radio confirmation back to our dispatcher. Upon request, delivery confirmation will be delivered back to the shipper.

    If you wish to have a similar item or items delivered on a continual basis to the same recipient, please feel free to fax or email your order. If necessary, you will be notified of any rate changes or special rates in your area before delivery.

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